Rainbow Stories
and Other Fairy Tales

                      Stories and Other Fairy Tales

“Daddy, tell us a story about a dog rainbow.”

Another night, it might have been a fish rainbow, a monster rainbow, or even a bad rainbow.

These stories, about rainbows and fairies and witches and ghosts and other things, were the few that Edward remembers from the days when his children were small and appreciated the magic of fairyland and the lively imagination of their father. Most of the stories that he told then, including those of Cartoonland and of the Walking Heads, were told once and are gone forever. But all of the Rainbow Stories have survived.

No publisher will accept this anthology. The vocabulary is for adults and older children, and the concepts are for young children.

But perhaps the pleasure that Edward’s children felt can be felt by other people young at heart. There is, however, a serious message. The Fairy of Good Vision, who appears in many of the Rainbow Stories, bases her behavior and even her color on the work of rebel eye doctor William H. Bates, teaching in “The Happy Rainbow” a visual exercise that helps prevent young children from acquiring the need for eyeglasses.


Rainbow Stories
The Missing Parrot
The Dog Fairy
The Cat Fairy
Gellen, the Boy Fairy
Liberty Fables
Darren and the Pit
The Good Little Witch
The Turkey Gives Thanks

Take a trip to Fairyland. It’s a lovely place.

109 pages.

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