Rehab—or Death


A medical mystery

Harry Dreyfus just got promoted to medical director of a rehabilitation hospital after his co-workers got convicted of insurance fraud.

He replaces them with a new team and soon discovers that there is a murderer on the loose. Is it a spouse of a recently imprisoned former colleague? Someone he had just hired? One of the evasive young men who had started hanging out in the corridors? Someone else?

This mystery novel not only has a medical setting, but also relies on medical principles and knowledge for the solution to the killings. Some alternative and complementary medicine is introduced too. Expect to learn several health-care facts while you read.

Join Dr. Dreyfus as he fights hospital and other pressures and tries to identify the killer, or killers. Will he succeed? Will he survive?

This novel introduces two characters, Bruno Petroso and Randolph Sabin, who later appear in another novel, The Seven-Point Star.

195 pages

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