Merry Christmas 2019 from
                        Edward Harshman

“Daddy, tell us a story
about a dog rainbow.”

Another night, it might have been a fish rainbow, a monster rainbow, or even a bad rainbow.

These stories, about rainbows and fairies and witches and ghosts and other things, were the few that Edward remembers from the days when his children were small and appreciated the magic of fairyland and the lively imagination of their father. Most of the stories that he told then, including those of Cartoonland and of the Walking Heads, were told once and are gone forever. But all of the Rainbow Stories have survived.

No publisher will accept this anthology. The vocabulary is for adults and older children, and the concepts are for young children.

But perhaps the pleasure that Edward’s children felt can be felt by other people young at heart. There is, however, a serious message. The Fairy of Good Vision, who appears in many of the Rainbow Stories, bases her behavior and even her color on the work of rebel eye doctor William H. Bates, teaching in “The Happy Rainbow” a visual exercise that helps prevent young children from acquiring the need for eyeglasses.

Take a trip to Fairyland. It’s a lovely place.

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Hate deceptive advertising?

So do I.

Here is a half-hour educational movie on how to avoid being taken in by manipulative advertising.

Further information is here.

Watch the movie trailer on YouTube here.

Or buy the DVD here.

Or watch it on Amazon Video Direct here.

Anti-Advertising DVD Cover

Look for my logic-puzzle book,

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Things aren't always as they seem.
The situation appears completely normal.
Then with only three hints, you have to figure out
what and why.

A pickpocket walks into a police station,
his hand in the angry victim's pocket.

A rich man gives a penny to a charity volunteer
and gets enthusiastic thanks.

A man escapes over the prison wall
and looks for law enforcement.

More examples are here.

Some old, some new, some science-based,
some with practical value.

Fun for the entire family.
The Big Book of Logic Puzzles

A medical mystery

Harry Dreyfus just got promoted to medical director of a rehabilitation hospital after his co-workers got convicted of insurance fraud.

He replaces them with a new team and soon discovers that there is a murderer on the loose. Is it a spouse of a recently imprisoned former colleague? Someone he had just hired? One of the evasive young men who had started hanging out in the corridors? Someone else?

This mystery novel not only has a medical setting, but also relies on medical principles and knowledge for the solution to the killings. Some alternative and complementary medicine is introduced too. Expect to learn several health-care facts while you read.

Join Dr. Dreyfus as he fights hospital and other pressures and tries to identify the killer, or killers. Will he succeed? Will he survive?

This novel introduces two characters, Bruno Petroso and Randolph Sabin, who later appear in another novel, The Seven-Point Star.

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Take a fictional setting, medical knowledge,

and a fury with modern organized medicine, and what do you get? An action-adventure science-fiction novel about a brilliant but thoroughly disgruntled physician who hates the system—and who knows how to fight back.

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The Seven-Point Star

The dark world
of the urban poor and disabled

No commercial publisher will accept these two stories by Edward Harshman.

Llata Ecalpon is too long for a short story and too short for a novel. It describes a senior college student’s adventure in a mythical blue- collar town in which concrete thinking reigns supreme and college education is debunked.

The Unsolved Problem is commercially worthless partially because the tone of the text differs from its content. In the world of the urban destitute, the land of limited opportunity and of despair and death, two brothers, both mentally ill and homeless, rescue a paraplegic woman who is giving birth and later encounter the woman at a church. They start a foundation to help the unfortunate, converting hopelessness and depression to autonomy and confidence; but they later encounter an unexpected problem that they are powerless to solve.

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Llata Unsolved Cover
Llata Ecalpon
                      and The Unsolved Problem

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