Edward J. Harshman, m.d.

(207) 354-3545



Modern Medicine - Old-Fashioned Honesty

Dr. Harshman has closed his office in Thomaston and works doing house calls for Medicare patients (annual screenings, no patient management). No direct patient care after October 18, 2015 except under unusual circumstances. He thanks you for nearly ten years of business, but he regrets that for several reasons he can no longer keep the office open.

Dr. Harshman is not board-certified and not affiliated with any hospital. He has kept his practice HIPAA-exempt. When he had a heart attack on July 2, 2015, he did an ECG on himself before calling for help; that is how self-reliant he is.

He has fought for patient rights, twice testifying before the Maine legislature and once pointing out to the DHHS Commissioner the merits of natural medicines and good physical examinations.

With the termination of his marriage, you must understand that he must alter his approach to work, even though he remains as stubborn as ever about patient rights.


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  1. Medical Records: Let Dr. Harshman know, and expect to wait a while for them. They are in storage about 50 miles away from where he now lives.

  2. How to reach him: His phone number (207) 354-3545 is on a voice-over-Internet service, allowing him to keep it even though he is no longer in his former location.

Dr. Harshman thanks his loyal patients for the support he has received over the past nearly ten years.