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Useful Links For Your Health-Care Awareness






l_Surgery Center of Oklahoma: a great money-saver for the uninsured who need non-emergency surgery, for its prices are announced up front and they are delightfully inexpensive relative to most other USA options Yes, the surgeons and the staff are very competent and not inferior to their high-priced competitors.

l_American_College_for_Advancement_of_Medicine: a good source for nonstandard treatments with good peer review rigor.

l_Consumer_Lab: Find out if a nutritional supplement or herb is useful--or useful to you.

l_Eyeglass Direct: This mail-order optician does good work, and inexpensively. Compare prices especially for lenses before using a local optician. I use this place myself.

l_Genova Diagnostics: Formerly named Great Smokies, this diagnostic laboratory offers more detailed preventive testing than do most conventional medicine labs.

l_Wellness Center of America: The name says it all....

l_Association of American Physicians and Surgeoms: the ones who want good health-care without regulatory nonsense. Not to be confused with the American Medical Association, and indeed it is hard to confuse the two.

l_Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine: real research is done here, without fear of loss of government funds because no government money is accepted. Learn the truth, simply explained for the ordinary person, from unbribable scientists.

l_Pregnancy information: this site is factual and provides week-by-week information about your embryo or fetus.

l_ChildHelp: Run by an organization dedicated to preventing child molesting, it is full of simple information for parents and children and offers booklets and DVD's to help educate us. Important for parents; child abuse is sadly common.

l_Dr. Mercola: a fierce critic of soy products, he provides material for the health-conscious person for free on his site. It's well-documented, too, unlike the opinion-driven pseudo-science that is more readily available.

l_Reality Zone: good books on the real medical politics and how to stay healthy despite it

l_Life Extension Foundation offers good supplements. Iodine is available here, and an article in the AAPS journal of Winter 2006 recommends it for fibrocystic disease of the brast and for many causes of fatigue--even if thyroid function is normal.

l_National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a site run by the federal government that has information on nutritional/naturopathic and other noonstandard medical management.

l External counterpulsation: an alternative to coronary artery bypass grafts. This company leases the required machinery to doctors in the USA. The treatment is also given at the Sun Yat-Sen Medical Center in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. Unfortunately, I cannot learn how to reach its admissions coordinator (yes, English is spoken).

l_Prolotherapy: the process of curing pain that results from weak or damaged ligaments by provoking the formation of a scar that is expected to tighten up the looseness and end the instability. Not all chronic pain is caused by instability, but some is and deserves to be diagnosed as such and, when possible, cured so that further treatment is not needed and pain is gone. A second prolotherapy link is here.

l Video Clips: A list of Dr. Harshman's favorite viewable clips on YouTube, with instructions on how you might be able to download them outright.

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