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On November 6, 2012, while our enemies were voting for a continuation of our liberal mess, one lover of freedom stood outside the polling place of Thomaston, Maine, offering eight citizen-initiative petitions for fairness, honesty, low taxes, and freedom. Get the word out. Download them here (as an RTF file).

Health care licensure overhaul. Make a difference. Click here.

Health insurance--or health tax? Decide here.

Free Market Health Care. A political activist site, with useful information on how to minimize health care expense. Look here and get informed.

Health care used as a weapon against our freedom. Can the free market offer health care that is good, and actually cheaper than fee-for-service? Yes! Learn how here.

If you don't like the Democrats or Republicans, don't give up. Look at the Libertarian Party. Yes, it has a Maine branch, in Winthrop. Look here.

With no income tax the parasitic industries who thrive on tax preparation would be forced to get to some real, productive work. Also, do you know how the tax code discourages corporate boards of directors from maximizing the return on their stock -- even after considering the tax advantages of various investments and assuming totally rational behavior? Take a look here.

Movies MainStream Media (and others) Absolutely DO NOT Want You to See!
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US Constitution.

No superfluous regulations.
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No interference with honest business.
No barriers to low-cost health care.


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