if you are politically correct.

Obama: The Hype
A documentary on the Overrated Buffoon Always Mismanaging America, released shortly before the 2008 election

Hillary: The Movie
She's the star, but probably wishes she wasn't. Another documentary from 2008.

The Obama Deception
Further information about B. Hussein Obama and his undisclosed allies in trying to steal our freedom. Aso please see the producer Alex Jones's website www.infowars.com for additional information about our freedoms, attacks on them, and how to fight back.

Another, earlier, movie by Alex Jones, this one showing more evidence of a conspiracy to remove our freedoms. His website, as noted above, is www.infowars.com.

Tax and Spend by Barack Obama
Some creative tax-haters have spliced parts of Obama's speeches together, with split-second timing, and created this rap-music video that emphasizes tax and spend. If you like the song, download the audio track here.

Indoctrination U
Proof that dissent is repressed on modern university campuses. Don't miss the out-take that exposes absurd courses, also student bodies one at a time.

How Can I Live Without Filing Taxes
Carla Howell, a long-time fighter for our freedom, spoofs taxes with this video clip. If you like the song, download the audio track here.

TaxProtest Amy Hale Part One Part Two
A slide show documenting a peaceful protest in Augusta, Maine on April 15, 2009.

Your Movie Here.
If you don't like the mass-media movies, make your own.