Learn more about President Obama here. (Hint: I don't think he wants you to see this material.)

Is Obama's speechmaking skill a simple superb talent? Or is it carefully learned and reheasrsed? Read the facts and decide for yourself. Download the controversial report in PDF here.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Watch the trampling of dissent at our college campuses, partially financed by our tax dollars.

The Center for Small Government. Small government is beautiful. This is a small website, and it is beautiful too.

AAPS. Not the American Mendicant Association, or whatever that traditional money-grubbing group is that so many doctors belong to. These are the health-care good guys who fight for our freedom.

Reality Zone. Political information--and some health things too.

Useful books, with publisher's website where I can find it:

The Bible. Note especially the Ten Commandments, the book of Proverbs, and the teachings of Jesus.

Worldwide Evil and Misery. Evidence of Satan in bloodlines.

The Creature from Jekyll Island. Documentary-thriller about how power is hard to trace because those who have it keep themselves secret--and the real workings of the money supply if it is not firmly linked to gold and silver.

Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith's classic is difficult reading by modern dumbed-down standards, but inexpensive and accurate. Several editions exist; get something unabridged.

Ultimate Resource 2. Rebel economist Julian Simon fights political correctness and economic tampering with this second edition (not second volume) in which he shows that the ultimate resource is people, not materials. (Ever notice that per-hour pay goes up as people get overrun with machinery?) ISBN 978-0691003818.

The Commanding Heights. Information about the secret ruling class. More a political emphasis than the economics-oriented Jekyll Island book. ISBN 978-0684835693.

In Search of Excellence. A business analysis of what makes companies prosper. We need to learn this material if we want to understand prosperous corporations--or dying ones. ISBN 978-0060548780.