The Ex-Molester's Guide
to Legal Sex

People released from prison after sex crimes, especially crimes against children, are generally shunned and treated with attitudes ranging from avoidance to persecution, even if they carefully avoid further misdeeds.

The author is a Christian and insists on showing compassion to the unfortunate, even those who are despised. In this book, the author (a survivor of a jail term himself) seeks to instruct the recently released ex-prisoner, who wants to obey the law and avoid entanglements with children, how to do so without becoming cut off from all hope of intimacy.

First, there is a necessary legal disclaimer due to some difficulty that the author has had with a state medical board.

Then, there is a description of those aspects of society that put pressure on men to abuse children.

Finally, there is a discussion of therapy for men who have committed sex crimes and what traps to beware due to the possibility of destructive therapists.

No explicit sex acts are described in the book, and there are no illustrations of any kind; but the mention of sexually interacting with children (though the author clearly opposes it) does elicit caution regarding allowing children access to this book.

A popular presumption is that a tendency to pedophilia is permanent. This book vigorously attacks that presumption and offers hope for the ex-convict who sincerely wants to start over with intimacy, this time confining his/her attention to consenting adults.

Discussed in the book are the social pressures against men, possible mechanisms by which someone became destructively interested in children and how to dismantle those mechanisms, and reasons to distrust conventional therapy that in turn offers no hope of cure.

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