Welcome to the site of Edward Harshman, who survived a bad marriage and has a creative streak.
(Also a right-wing tendency and a history of having undergone major stress, including a jail term in early 2019.)

After my having to surrender all rights of access to and management of my children—despite no abuse by me—
expect me to be somewhat bitter about feminism.

Yes, there is a brightwriter channel
on YouTube.

Some family.
Some sales attempts for movies.
Some (conservative and libertarian) politics.

Here is the link.
The channel is not very well laid out, but I am trying.
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fighting for Christian values

American Flag with Tyrant Flag
The tyrants can't hide forever.
Ron Paul with the Harshman family
Legendary politician and presidential candidate Ron Paul with me and my wife and children before my marriage fell apart
After the Collapse
(back cover of my novel)


A few words about DRM:

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and refers to a protocol by which electronic downloads of videos, music, and e-books are crippled so that they can be used only on the device to which they are downloaded. My attitude about DRM is that it is a sign of distrust of the customers and it infuriates honest customers who need to transfer their downloads onto a new device when their old one breaks down, or who want to read e-books or watch movies or listen to music on more than one device.

When Napster, the online sharing website, became popular, sales of movies went up not down. So much for DRM's protection of intellectual property royalties. If two people, each unwilling to pay full price for something, buy it together then make two copies one for each of them, then DRM would have cost the producer a sale. Also, the existence of a pirated copy of something may motivate someone who sees or hears it to buy an honest copy.

I have these materials available not only for personal gain, but also because I consider them important as representations of my political beliefs. I don't stomp around waving signs and making a nuisance of myself. I don't pester people for money and, having taken it, become singularly vague about how it is to be spent. I merely tell my story to those who are willing to listen, ideally including you.

All of my electronic intellectual property is available without DRM encumbrances. The only copy protection is your conscience. I respect you; please reciprocate.


Yes, I am bright and I write.

Look for my logic-puzzle book,
here in paperback and here in no-DRM Kindle.

Things aren't always as they seem.
The situation appears completely normal.
Then with only three hints, you have to figure out
what and why.

A pickpocket walks into a police station,
his hand in the angry victim's pocket.

A rich man gives a penny to a charity volunteer
and gets enthusiastic thanks.

A man escapes over the prison wall
and looks for law enforcement.

Some old, some new, some science-based,
some with practical value.

Fun for the entire family.
The Big Book of Logic Puzzles, by Edward J. Harshman

Applying for Social Security Disability...

and you were asked to get a medical exam for that purpose?

Don't forget to watch the explanation on how to make the most
of the medical exam you are sent to.

Watch the movie trailer on YouTube here.

Or buy the DVD here.

Or watch the video on Amazon Video Direct here.
Disability DVD Cover

Hate deceptive advertising?

So do I.

I have a half-hour educational movie
on how to avoid being taken in by manipulative advertising.

Watch the movie trailer on YouTube here.

Or buy the DVD here.

Or watch it on Amazon Video Direct here.

Anti-Advertising DVD Cover

Upset with fast-talking politicians

who hold public hearings, trying to bamboozle you?

Learn how to fight back.

Watch the movie on YouTube here.

Or watch it on Amazon Video Direct here.
(Different image, but same content.)

Or buy the DVD here.

Please note: I have left the full-length version available for free viewing on YouTube, without requiring payment, to assist the fight for political freedom. But if you want to help pay me for my effort, please watch the video on Amazon VideoDirect or buy the DVD.

Bonus with the DVD: you get the presentation in PowerPoint form on the DVD if you put the disk in a computer's DVD drive. You also get the Barack Obama Tax and Spend ringtone with the DVD; listen to it here.

Challenge the Change Agents Cover

Puzzled by what women want
in a relationship?

You are not alone.

Here is my contribution to this very old problem.

Get more information here.

What Makes Men Attractive to Women

Take a fictional setting, medical knowledge,

and a fury with modern organized medicine, and what do you get? An action-adventure science-fiction novel about a brilliant but thoroughly disgruntled physician who hates the system—and who knows how to fight back. Buy the novel here in paperback or here in no-DRM Kindle form.
The Seven-Point Star

The knowledge missing from women's rehabilitation from severe trauma or disability.

Written in 1995 during my convalescence from a spinal-cord injury that damaged my hand coordination (temporarily, but I didn't know that then), this was a personal therapeutic exercise after the destruction of my first marriage and part of my spinal cord. But a residency in PM&R not only gave me no reason to revise it, but also the residency ignored the obvious problem completely.

My second ex-wife, during divorce proceedings, submitted a copy of this material in evidence that I am not to have access to my children. The divorce is final, and I have no reason to be silent about my beliefs now.

Buy the book in paper form here or in no-DRM Kindle download form here.
Seduction Instruction Cover

Christian Charity
includes helping the hated.

(It also includes trying to prevent
awful incidents that damage children.)

I am a Christian and insist on showing compassion to the unfortunate, even those who are despised. A survivor of a jail term myself, I seek to instruct the recently released ex-prisoner, who wants to obey the law and avoid entanglements with children, how to do so without becoming cut off from all hope of intimacy.

Discussed in the book are the social pressures against men, possible mechanisms by which someone became destructively interested in children and how to dismantle those mechanisms, and reasons to distrust conventional therapy that in turn offers no hope of cure.

Buy the book in paper form here, buy it as a no-DRM Kindle download here, or get further information here.
Unauthorized Guide to Legal Sex
Whatever else I might say about my ex-wife, she did write a very good book about buildings and their architectural details. Feel free to buy a copy or two, or more than two. Here is the link.
Architectural Adventure Journal
If you attend a political meeting, bring some flyers along—to tape to trash cans. Download my sample here, and feel free to edit it as you wish. is a no-Javascript fast-loading website.

No design professionals were used for this website.
(But I'm sure you've already figured that out by now.)

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