Seduction Instruction
for the Physically Nonstandard Woman

                      Instruction Cover
You are severely impaired, perhaps by stroke, perhaps by spinal-cord injury, perhaps by massive trauma.

You want a man in your life.

How to find him.

How to get him interested in you.

How to adjust to a major impairment, if a woman, in the context of seeking a man is severely neglected by doctors and therapists.
Yes, they can cheer you on if you get discouraged; but truly effective advice on what to do is sadly lacking.

Written by a spinal-cord injury survivor, this book is an attempt to solve a neglected problem of women who have undergone massive trauma or disability: how to circulate in the male-female romantic marketplace.

If that is your problem, then this book tries to be your solution.

Specifically covered: how to show yourself as attractive with:

mastectomy without reconstruction
paralyzed on one side
small breasts
substantial obesity

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