What Makes Men Sexually Attractive to Women
and Why Men Shouldn't Care

What Makes Men Sexually Attractive to Women
This is a 41-minute fast-moving instructional video, also available as a book in paper and e-book form.

To avoid censorship, the actual uploads and books have a different title.

The content is presented very rapidly.
It is more suited to a professional mental-health audience than to the average person.
But if you want to watch it and learn from it, please do. I dont think mental-health professionals will be interested.

I think the average feminist militant will not be able to understand it at all. (Too bad, ha ha!)

It covers:

Female thought processes,

Why what women say they want often differs from what they really want (and respond to),

The mindset of irrational social justice warriors,

Negative knowledge (the concept of someones not knowing something),

The continuum of permitted to forbidden behavior,

The alpha mindset as one in which seeking female interaction is not the principal passion in a mans life,

Nonsexual benefits of being in a relationship,

Problems with men’s attitudes imposed by modern society
including media-induced pressure toward homogeneity
and the fall of the rugged individualist,

Productive passivity,

Partial satisfaction,

A reminder that the process of acquiring attractiveness to women is a natural trial-and-error process
that is easily damaged by social forces including inept parents,

and an explanation of why ❝what should I do to become sexually desirable?❞ is the wrong question for a man to ask.

There is a repeated admonition for men to consider the social and legal climate and think carefully before getting involved with women at all.

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